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A Tale as Old as Time..

We met in March of 2011 by a mutual friend at The Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, TN. Our first official date was about a week after our introduction. We proceeded to date for 2 months before we became an official couple on May 31st, 2011.

We moved in together in November of 2013, after 2.5 years of dating. Naturally, everyone questioned us about marriage, but we knew we weren't ready. We were both far too young and inexperienced in life.

As the years went on, marriage started to become a bigger topic, however, we knew we weren't entirely ready to take our relationship to that level. So we became fur parents. We welcomed our first fur child into our home in June of 2018, a baby bunny we named Denzel Washingbun. We are so grateful for this journey with Denzel. We've learned that we have different levels of patience and also different parenting styles and we have successfully merged the two together to build a wonderful little family.

In the year of 2019, Tj planned our 8 year anniversary celebration at Harry Potter World in Orlando, FL. Little did I know, he was planning the surprise of all surprises! A couple of days before our trip he asked both my parents for my hand in marriage. On the day of our anniversary (5/31/2019) we were standing in front of Hogwarts Castle taking a professional photo when he started to talk to me about how much he loved me. Next thing I know, he bent down on one knee and proposed. I, of course, said YES through a flood of tears.

We planned our wedding to take place on our 9 year anniversary. However, the global pandemic hit so we decided to push our wedding out an entire year to May 31st, 2021 (our 10 year anniversary)! How romantic, right?!

We believe we were together in a previous life and are thankful our souls found each other. We have a very special kind of relationship. One that we will cherish til death do us part.

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